Peter Pan

Lori Mitchell

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Peter is  one boy who never wants to grow up, and in Neverland he never will. Standing atop a beach scene base with Captain Hook's ship anchored off the shore, he strikes a defiant pose. Wearing a leafy green shirt and shorts, with matching green cap over his tousled blond hair, his dagger is tucked neatly in his belt sheath. 7.5”H 15512

Tinkerbell is one fairy that you don't want to cross. She may seem sweet, but she is known for her temper, especially when Wendy shows up and gains Peter's attention. Wearing a green flower peddle dress and green ribbon pulling her blond hair up on top of her head, her fairy wand is ready to dispense some magic. With a flick of the wand, you can fly like a bird, just think of a wonderful thought. 6.5”H 15514

Hook is a formidable foe and cements his place as the cantankerous captain. Holding a gold handled rapier and dressed his signature red coat with ruffles, his red captain's hat with gold feathers sits atop his curly black hair. When he screams, "I'LL GET YOU PAN," you can see his curled mustache twitch with annoyance. 8.75"H 15513

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