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Lori Mitchell

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The Luck of the Irish is with this Lori Mitchell group saluting St. Patrick’s Day and all the lucky little leprechauns everywhere. They sing, dance and play traditional instruments of their homeland. Made of resin and metal, they’re all decked out in green in tribute to their beloved Ireland.  

  • Celtic Katie – She sings the songs of the old country dressed in her green Celtic attire. 8” T  12294
  • Lucky Liam - He found the pot of gold. Perfect for a St. Pat’s table top. 5.5” T 22468
  • Frances the Fiddler - Francis plays his fiddle and all the girls and boys will want to dance the Irish Jig on St. Paddy's day! 5.5” T  32017
  • Flannery’s Jig - Flannery brought her tambourine to play in her village's St Patrick's Day celebration. 6” T  32018
  • Finnegan’s Fife - Finnegan is happy to play a tune on his wee fife for the leprechaun village. 7” T  32019
  • Lucky Charms – Dressed in green, she sports shamrocks on her pigtails. 7” T 12285
  • Leprechaun Boy – Clad in his green and white polka dots, he sits on a rock with his pot of gold. 5.5” T 13308
  • Chloe’s Clovers – The redhead holds a bunch of lucky 4-leaf clovers. 7” T 14493
  • Leprechaun Lady – Sitting on a rock next to her pot of gold, she holds a single daffodil. 6” T 14494
  • Sweet Kelly Green – Wearing a sweet green dress that’s trimmed with a shamrock, she’s ready for anything. 5.5” T 23642
  • Paddy O’Swine - Paddy doesn't go anywhere without his little pink piggy. 6” T  11063
  •  Cailin O’Clover - Check out Cailin holding a huge 4-leaf clover stem. The greens match her dress. 6.5” T15505

  • Connor O’Clover - Colin is holding a huge 4-leaf clover stem that matches his green outfit. 6.5” T  15506

  • Kristan Go Braugh - Kristan is holding the Flag of Ireland.    16704 
  • Tristan Go Braugh - Tristan is holding the Flag of Ireland    16705

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