Enameled Trinket Boxes

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These small, hinged trinket boxes are expertly painted with detailed features. We offer many themes from sports to animals to travel and beyond. Many conceal a tiny surprise.  These compact boxes are large enough to hide money, a small piece of jewelry or any mini treasure. Choose the perfect little container for your own collection or as a thoughtful gift. Made of porcelain.    

  • Teddy Bear EB612
  • Bee EB675
  • Puppy EB1182
  • Penguin EB677
  • Sleeping Cat EB1119
  • Cat & Mouse EB1254
  • Two Bunnies EB1346
  • Frog Prince EB1141
  • Bird on House EB1345
  • Teapot EB782
  • Purse EB722
  • Hat EB738
  • Bathtub EB938
  • I Love You Heart EB1093
  • Strawberry EB1195
  • Cake EB1354
  • Watermelon EB1396
  • Books EB440
  • Golf Clubs EB718
  • Passport EB717
  • San Francisco EB1206
  • Eiffel Tower EB534
  • Blue Present EB1382
  • Red Present EB535
  • Green Ornament EB1036

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