6" Mova Globe Earth LG

Mova Globes

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Rotating Globes. Powered by Light.

These unique spinning globes combine power from ambient light and torque from the earth’s magnetic field to create soothing rotations. No batteries required and no sloppy cords to detract from your enjoyment. Elevate your décor or gift the unexpected.  

Each 6” globe sits atop an acrylic base:

  • Earth with Clouds - Travel high above our planet for a glimpse of Earth's natural beauty as seen from outer space, captured through NASA satellite imagery. 6-STE-C MG-
  • Earth White & Gold  - The map features a crisp white ocean canvas decorated with clean lines, pencil-sharp details, and slick gold continents that glimmer in the light.  MG-6-WGE

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