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Butter Paddle

Q:  Is The Butter Paddle really a non-profit organization?

A:  Yes, The Butter Paddle is a registered 501© organization.  It has been owned and operated by the EMQ Auxiliary since 1967.

Q:  What does EMQ stand for?

A:  The name EMQ (Eastfield Ming Quong) represents the merging of two children and family services agencies; Eastfield Home of Benevolence (founded in San Jose in 1867) and Ming Quong Presbyterian Mission Home (founded in San Francisco in 1874). Eastfield began as an orphanage providing shelter, care, and education for local homeless youth. Ming Quong rescued Chinese girls from slavery and prostitution in the alleys of San Francisco. Mirroring the history of the child welfare system, these agencies evolved from orphanages to residential treatment center agencies, in the 1950s. The two agencies merged in 1987 and were later called EMQ Children & Family Services.  Over the past 142 years, these blended agencies along with others merged in overtime and now named EMQ FamiliesFirst have truly transformed its system of care for California's children and families.

Q:  How do you support EMQ FamiliesFirst?

A:  All proceeds from The Butter Paddle Gift Shop are donated to EMQ Families First.  In addition, Members provide parties and outings monthly for the children along with gifts and favors.  Our Sustainers (members who are no longer active) provide donations several times a year.  We also collect for a Children’s Memorial Fund for EMQ FamiliesFirst.

Q:  What is the difference between The Butter Paddle and the EMQ Auxiliary>

A:  The EMQ Auxiliary was established in 1934 to support the original Home of Benevolence.  Over the years, the Auxiliary sought donations in a traditional fashion through periodic fundraising events.  The Butter Paddle Gift Shop is owned by the Auxiliary.  It was established in 1967 to provide a more stable funding source for donations to EMQ FamiliesFirst.  The volunteers who work at the shop are all Auxiliary members.  However to separate out store requirements from other activities, there is a Board that governs the store and a Board that oversees all other aspects of the Auxiliary.

Q:  Who can be an Auxiliary volunteer?

A:  Members of the Auxiliary are women from the local area.  There are members from Saratoga, San Jose, Los Gatos and Campbell.  Prospective members are nominated twice a year, in March and September.  They serve a 6 month provisional term before attaining full membership.  Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities.  All volunteers take turns working in The Butter Paddle.  In addition, volunteers help with other “behind the scenes” activities at the store.  Members work on committees such as Stock and Display.  Other members become buyers, do advertising, coordinate store events, buy supplies and support other business needs.  Members that serve in the Auxiliary are responsible for Children’s Services activities, public relations and Auxiliary governance.   All our members are required to participate in multiple Auxiliary activities. If one wishes to become a member, applications are available at the store or can be obtained by contacting Auxiliary Vice-President, Susan Gutterman at ads@butterpaddle.com.

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A donation to The Butter Paddle in memory of a loved one will help children in crisis at Uplift Family Services, formerly EMQ FamiliesFirst.

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100% of your donation goes to benefit the children

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