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Butter Paddle

Nambe'...Recycled. Reborn. Remembered.




Mariposa began in 1980 in Mexico as a small family business that transformed soft-drink bottles into modern glassware. Back then the company had no idea that it would eventually become a leader in handmade tableware, embracing the arts of ceramics, aluminum, cutlery, and glass in myriad forms and textures from around the world.

Yet they were already pursuing several goals:

• To bring innovative design to a refined, age-old process where little had changed for centuries.

• To make a local art international - - subtle, beautiful, and contemporary.

At Mariposa, the many unique collections are a result of the strong and original aesthetic of the designers combined with the superior technique of all their artisans worldwide.  They never take their mastery for granted, for it comes from generations working together to learn a process and an art, growing up amid a handmade way of life.  Often a designer forces craftsmen to find new solutions to new problems.  They love to propose a challenging new piece, then watch the craftsmen find a way to solve the problems without losing the precision or the warmth of the designer's intent, or the character that springs from the tiniest details.

We are dedicated to seeking out the most original designers and the finest artisans from around the world to create daring tableware and accessories in a myriad of materials…steeped in the crafts tradition, yet tailored to a design-conscious

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California 95030